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  • When did you first start drawing?
    I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. It sounds cliche but it's the honest truth. I remember loving to do it at the age of four or so. I picked up a pencil when I was so young that I actually hold it incorrectly until this very day. I'm glad I never let it go!
  • What made you get into sports art?
    Although I tend to focus mostly on sports these days, it wasn't what I originally envisioned that I'd be doing. I grew up a huge comic book nerd and enjoyed drawing superheros, monsters and aliens. I'm a big autograph collecter and started writing athletes through the mail. In order to entice them to sign my photos or cards I would include a drawing as a thank you. I started posting the drawings online to an overwhelmingly positive receiption. Thats when I realized I can combine two of my biggest passions.
  • What medium do you use to create your art?
    There are very few mediums I don't dabble in, but I do have my favorites. A lot of the pieces you see on this site were created using my ipad pro and an apple pencil. The process if very much the same as doing something on paper, I just find it more convenient for a multitude of reasons. Traditionally I like to work in india ink with a brush, inkwash, graphite, watercolors, color pencils and gouache. When I'm in the mood to create nothing is really off limits.
  • Do you accept commissions?
    I'm always accepting commissions.Turn around time varies depending on what projects or other commissios I currently have on my schedule. Pricing also varies depending on size, media, and complexity. Keep in mind that a commissioned piece from scratch is more expensive than a print of a piece that has already been completed. Please feel free to contact me using the form on this website or directly at my email: I'd be happy to work with you to create something unique!
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